As a relative or friend of an adult living with acute or long-term illness, injury, or disability, you want to make sure that your loved one is looked after and safe, day and night.


The extra duties and commitments of becoming a full-time carer brings many new and unexpected challenges. Accessing care from residential living is not always the best solution, and we at Abbey Care (NW) Ltd are ready to offer the peace of mind alternative.

Exceptional care in the comfort of their own home

Respite and independence for carers and services user

A practical and effective approach to improving quality of life

Our Mission

Caring In The Community

To deliver a service of the highest quality that is aimed at improving and sustaining the service user’s overall quality of life while maintaining their independence. In this respect the service is designed to reflect the standards of ISO9001:2000. We are licensed to provide services under the Quality Care Commission and our Provider ID is 46292.

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Abbey Care (NW) Ltd

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Let us share the responsibility of care with you.


Abbey Care (NW) Ltd provide a range of care services to suit the needs of every individual; ensuring clients/service users are supported in the safety, familiarity, and comfort of their own home, and offering reassurance and independence to family members.


We offer support at home to adults:


  • affected by frailty
  • with long term health needs
  • with physical disabilities
  • with learning disabilities
  • with mental health problems
  • requiring palliative care


Receiving care at home is the flexible, affordable, stress-free solution. Home truly is where the heart is, so please get in touch to see how we can help you.