Caring In The Community

Deliver a service of the highest quality that is aimed at improving and sustaining the service user’s overall quality of life

Domiciliary Care

What is Domiciliary Care?

Domiciliary care means that the care needs of an individual are met through a series of home visits by a qualified member of a community care team.

Domiciliary care offers individuals the support they need to live safely at home, with assistance completing activities such as:

  • Personal Care
  • Meal Preparation
  • Taking Medication
  • Light Household Duties
  • Support for Medical Appointments

How Many Domiciliary Visits do I Need?

The number of domiciliary visits required will be decided following a carers assessment carried out by the local social services team. This can range from a single daily visit to multiple calls with a sleep-in service.

What do I Need to Know About Domiciliary Visits?

Domiciliary care enables individuals to stay in their own home, surrounded by their own personal comforts, and is shown to reduces feelings of loneliness.

The flexibility of domiciliary care allows you to be responsive to tailoring the level of care required at any given time.


Visits are available from early morning and throughout the night. A care assistant from Abbey Care will attend to a client’s home and administer support as detailed in their care plan.


For individuals who are unable to provide access to the property, care assistants usually access a key from a Safelock device to enter the home.


Find out more about how Abbey Care (NW) Ltd domiciliary services can help you provide the care your loved one needs.

Voucher & Sitting Service

What are Vouchers?

Individuals who take responsibility for the daily care needs of another adult, qualify for a carer’s assessment from social services.
The carer’s assessment helps to identify the amount of support each carer needs to enable them to carry out their care duties, whilst helping to manage the physical and emotional needs of caring full-time.

Once a carer’s assessment is completed, social services may decide that a carer would benefit from vouchers in order to access respite services.

What can I use the vouchers for?

As a carer a quick trip to the shops can often turn into a strategic nightmare, from arranging transport and carrying equipment to problems with access and more. Vouchers are designed to help make life a little easier.

You can use your vouchers to:

  • Do your weekly shop
  • Run errands
  • Attend appointments

When you need some time for yourself, or want to avoid the complexities and obstacles involved with a visit to the supermarket, you can arrange for a member of the Abbey Care team to sit with your loved one, so you can leave the house worry-free.

How can I Redeem my Vouchers?


Once you receive your vouchers, you should also be given a list of care providers. You can then contact your preferred care provider to arrange a sitting service.


Social services provide guidance of when and how your vouchers can be used.


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Liverpool Social Services

Working in partnership with Liverpool Social Services, we provide community care to adults who receive direct payments.

Direct payments can be obtained following a needs assessment with social services. Direct payments may fully cover the cost of care, or you may need to make a contribution towards the domiciliary care you receive.

Acquired Brain Injury

Abbey Care are a specialist provider of care services to individuals living with acquired brain injury (ABI).

We can offer support with a range of needs from basic personal care to support promoting independent living skills.


You may wish to access and pay for care using a personal budget.

You can contact us to arrange an initial assessment, where we can discuss the frequency and level of care required and formalise this in an individual care plan.